An oldie but a goodie …

Still my favorite item for the original CD. For those of you wondering about it … yes this is pretty much the level of “intelligence” you can expect around here.

Nov 14, 2005
Box’s induction into Toy Hall of Fame proves great product trumps great marketing
  The National Toy Hall Of Fame announced its latest crop of inductees last week. While no one was surprised when stalwarts Candy Land and Jack In The Box were given the prestigious honor, handicappers were stunned when the third and final nod was given to Cardboard Box. (My money was on Rusty Tin Can. At 75-1, how could I refuse?) Cardboard and younger brother Jack are the first siblings ever to get into the Hall. The pair’s father, Plain Old was overcome with emotion. “I’m so proud of them both. I only wish M.T. was here to see it,” said Mr. Box, referring to his late wife. Not everyone was as pleased as Mr. Box about Cardboard’s inclusion, though. A disgruntled Chess actually threatened the entire Hall Of Fame Board en passant. However a spokeswoman for the Hall said that Cardboard had indeed earned his way into the Hall.“The strength, light weight, and low cost that make cardboard boxes successful with industry have made them endlessly adaptable by children for creative play,” said Susan Trien of the Rochester, NY, Strong Museum of Play, where the Hall is located. “Shoe boxes serve as ideal settings for scenes and dioramas. Small boxes take on alternate roles as dollhouse furniture. Draw wheels on the side and a box turns into a car.”Hopefully, Mr. Chess can take comfort in the words of renowned loser Homer J. Simpson on the occasion of his not being named Worker of The Week: “Stupid carbon rod. It’s all just a popularity contest!”

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