Ernie K-Doe for PRESIDENT!!

EKDThose of you with a lot stored in your musical memory banks will doubtless remember Mr. K-Doe as a great New Orleans R&B singer whose biggest hit was 1961's "Mother-in-Law." You will be glad to know that Mr. K-Doe has now embarked on a second career and is running for mayor of The Crescent City despite the not-inconsiderable drawback of having died five years ago. His hat was tossed into the ring last Saturday by his widow, Antointette K-Doe. According to Reuters, Mrs. K-Doe announced at a rally outside the Mother-in-Law Lounge, the nightclub that bears the name of K-Doe's biggest hit song: "He's the only one qualified — that's my opinion. He gets the job done. The guy has soul."

Although a spokesman for incumbent Mayor Ray Nagin blasted Mrs K-Doe's assertion, representatives for the Almighty would not confirm or deny the existence of Mr. K-Doe's soul.

Further quothing Reuters:

The campaign is vintage K-Doe, the self-proclaimed "Emperor of the World" who died in July 2001 at 65 after a colourful music career. His campaign T-shirts feature him grinning with his trademark long hair cascading over his shoulders, decked out as Uncle Sam. "Vote K-Doe Vote," they blare.

kinky!One thing working in Mr. K-Doe's favor is New Orlean's long tradition of high voter turnout among his natural constituency: the dead. Should Mr. K-Doe get elected this could bode well for fellow Gulf Coast musician/politico Kinky Friedman who, although alive, is running for governor of Texas under the platform of Why The Hell Not? And who are we to argue with that?

This seems to be quite the year for election slogans. In the current nailbiter over in Italy opponents Silvio Berlusconi (motto: putting the ill in Il Duce) are wearing t-shirts that say: "I'm a coglione." Although I'm pretty sure they say it in Italian. A coglione, as you are doubtless aware, is the Italian word for testicles, bloody idiot, dickhead or moron. (That's according to the Agency France Presse and I'll have to take their word for it. I took two semesters of Italian in college and now can barely pronounce La Cosa Nostra.) The opposition adopted the word after Berlusconi accused any one who opposed him of being a … well, you know. Posters now abound throughout Italy saying: "Better to be a coglione than to vote for Berlusconi."

BTW, Pollsters have declined to say which candidate carried the all important "Former Pope" vote — although their holinesses have endorsed Ernie K-Doe.

2 thoughts on “Ernie K-Doe for PRESIDENT!!

  1. Actually, I want Kinky for mayor, and we can elect Ernie K. Doe governor of Texas. Oh, wouldn’t the folks in Houston just love that? How do we begin this cultural exchange?

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