Home Depot now selling pre-filled bathroom cabinets

On Monday, a Home Depot in Chicopee, Mass., sold a bathroom cabinet containing 40 pounds of marijuana and of cocaine. The giant retailer denied any knowledge of the drugs (more of which were found in two other Bay State sources). Police, however, remain skeptical. "They sold $200,000 worth of drugs for $175," said Det. Frank Drebin. "And that's right in keeping with their promise of providing the most value for your dollar."

Analysts said this was likely more of a test run than Home Depot's long-rumored move into Big Pharma. "I really think this is a one off," said Ed Hocken of the investment firm Norberg & Olsen. "They have yet to secure a major supplier. The Cali Cartel has made it very clear they to continue to distribute through Wal-Mart, which appeals to a much broader demographic."


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