Marshmallow Fluff sparks sticky fight in Mass. legislature

The Massachusett's state legislature has apparently taken care of all the major issues facing the state while I wasn't looking. How else to explain that there are now TWO bills before the leg dealing with the crucial Marshmallow fluff issue. In response to an effort earlier this week to ban Marshmallow Fluff from public schools, State Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein says she will file a bill to make the Fluffernutter the state's official sandwich. Quoth the Globe: "A Fluffernutter is a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich."

Fluff is manufactured in Lynn, the city of sin, which is in Reinstein's district.

"I'm protective of Fluff; I grew up on it," said Reinstein, a Democrat. "But it's insane that we're having this conversation."

It is insane. So why are you prolonging it? As some one once told me: The problem with arguing with a crazy person is not just that you can't win but that someone else viewing the argument may not be able to tell which of you is crazy.


8 thoughts on “Marshmallow Fluff sparks sticky fight in Mass. legislature

  1. You know those individual tubs of jelly and jam that are on the table at restaurants? Well, when I vacationed in Autrailia, the table included tubs of Vegemite. Being the curious person I am, I took a piece of toast and emptied said tub on toast and took a nice big bite. Just one, then done. Ick. It was the most awful thing I’d ever tasted and I had tasted a lot of pretty bad stuff. I asked the waitress about this and she almost died laughing. She then provided the local instruction manual on the proper application of Vegemite:

    1) Apply thick layer of butter to toast
    2) Take butter knife and apply approximately 5mm of Vegemite to the tip of the knife.
    3) Spread evenly over surface of buttered toast.

    I took her word for it.

  2. I love fluff. Love it, love it, love it. So does my dad. I grew up on peanut butter, jelly and fluff sandwiches and still eat them for lunch on days when there’s nothing else to eat in the house. Mmmmm…..fluffffffffff How can a substance called fluff possibly be bad.

  3. Mix it with peanut butter and confectionary sugar, add a bit of water, heat it in a microwave, and you’ll have the best ice cream topping ever … best on vanilia.

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