Doodles from the scrapbook of my mind

  • One of the behind the scenes features of the blog is a list of what search phrases people are using that lead them to Collateral Damage. Among these are four great band names:
  1. the beer needs me
  2. potato gun danger
  3. weasel words
  4. atkins will kill you
  • Media Orchard writes the truth: Verbal Clues That a Reporter Doesn’t Like You (although I would lose the word verbal as all these clues are written, not spoken.)
  • Man busted for using coffee shop’s free wireless signal? Alexander Eric Smith of Battle Ground, WA, was charged with theft of services — for taking something that’s free? The manager of the Brewed Awakenings coffee shop said that for at least three months Smith would come and sit in the business’s parking lot for hours at a time, using the store’s wireless service for free.

Sheriff’s deputies told the man to go away at one point but apparently he returned. “It’s a repetitive occurrence, and it’s borderline creepy,” the coffee shop manager said. “If he doesn’t buy anything, it’s not right for him to come and use (the service).” After an investigation, police discovered that Smith was a level one sex offender.

And there really is no legal charge for being borderline creepy, something that your humble correspondent is very grateful for.


3 thoughts on “Doodles from the scrapbook of my mind

  1. Yeah, you caught me — I wanted to take that headline back as soon as I pushed “publish.” Then I convinced myself that people would think it was an intentional play off of “nonverbal clues” — the term I obviously had in my head at the time. No such luck.

  2. What about issuing a citation to the coffeshop owner for that awful name. Puns should be banned. It’s almost as bad as the dog salon I pass during trips to NW Florida: Clippingdale’s. Ugh.

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