But I digress…


4 thoughts on “But I digress…

  1. That whole bit about GM, Nissan and Renault was hilarious. I can totally see you doing that on a stage in a comedy club. Ba-dum-bum.

  2. Frankly, the airline merger makes sense. The Economies of Scale would allow a larger airline a greater competitive advantage, which means they coule lose more luggage, arrive later, overbook more often, capricously cancel flights, and make a bigger hash out of their fare structure more efficiently than ever.

  3. Ooh, thanks to Nick for the link. I have an upcoming interview (I hope I make it to the face-to-face part) with Nissan since they’re moving here. I’m not sure if it helps or hurts that I’m already a Nashville resident because I haven’t heard good things regarding the current employees’ opinions of our state.

    I also hope they don’t see me drive up in my Subaru–the one I bought because my last Nissan was a lemon (though Nissan 1 and Nissan 2 were awesome cars!). Ahem.

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