Demon duck of doom

Quote of the day: “Very big birds … more like ducks, earned the name ‘demon duck of doom’, some at least may have been carnivorous as well.” — Vertebrate paleontologist Sue Hand describing one of 20 fossils of previously unknown species uncovered at a site in northwest Queensland in Australia.

And yes, I do want to copywrite that.

5 thoughts on “Demon duck of doom

  1. Large, carnivorous ducks? Ask any fisherman who has encountered geese. “Demon” is only one of the words that leap to mind as these nimble, billed destroyers kick your ass.

    I’ve met the Demon Duck. And I didn’t have to travel backwards in time to do it.

  2. I like the killer kangaroos. I’d like to see a few of them roaming the earth now. It would be an enjoyable time for all the non-lethal roos who have suffered at the hands of inane, stupid humans.

    I’m told that humanity will one day be whiped out by a killer virus, but I can always hope for something more colorful – like the re-emergence of a psychotic, fanged species of parott bent on payback for all the “polly” jokes.

  3. “some at least may have been carnivorous as well.”

    With a name like Demon Duck of Doom, if it WASN’T carnivorous then I’m sure the killer kangaroos, the bad-ass-bandicoots, the phatt billed platipuses, the wicked westside wallabies and the kick-ass-koalas would have seriously ripped the piss out of it.

    Maybe that’s why they became extinct…

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