Just because you can make it doesn’t make it a good idea…

  1. A banana guard. Why rely on the perfectly good biodegradable carrying case created by thousands of years of evolution when you can buy something MADE OUT OF PLASTIC??? A mere $7 will you forever protect you from the heartbreak of bruised bananas. Or are you just glad to see me?
  2. A military theme park. A Florida developer thought a park that let visitors “command the latest M-1 tank” and “feel the rush of a paratrooper freefall” would be just the thing. The Army begged to differ: “That proposal … was dead on arrival, and will be dead on arrival if resubmitted,” said Keith Eastin, the Army’s assistant secretary for installations and environment. Too bad, I was so looking forward to The Notify The Next Of Kin ride.
  3. The personalized ketchup label. Yep, I want a bottle of Heinz with my name on it. I’ll pay extra for that by golly.

8 thoughts on “Just because you can make it doesn’t make it a good idea…

  1. Hey, Con! Yep, its me…from the ole Brittany dorm… Anyway, what if your banana’s curve doesn’t conform to the norm? So to speak…

  2. The banana is soo discriminatory on so many levels. as a gag gift it may be a winner this season.
    The Military theme park would be a “killer” 🙂 and very sucessful. Think of the sales of first person shooter gamese and of the strategy games. Really not PC …. Look at it from a games perspective. layers of achievement and complexity (and billig) … HALO to the nth …. Training through wargames in various sims and real obstacle courses. Interaction with simulated danger… All of the smells (well not that realistic) smoke noise that you can stand and still get to pizza joint to brag.

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