Short takes …

  1. Apparently I do write for something other than this blog: As Bombs Fall From Sky in Beirut, One Group of Marketers Points to the Sun
  2. Even by my obsessive parenting standards this is over the top: “A Kentucky-based software company is helping parents keep track of what their children are eating while they’re at school.” Kids need to use a special code when they purchase food at school then parents can go online and see what their kids have been buying. “The program also lets parents prevent their children from purchasing certain foods by putting them on a banned item list.”
  3. Group of masked men enter Indiana Taco-Bell toting six 40-gallon trash bags filled with individual packets of taco sauce – about 25,000 in all.” They were returning it. See, the software works.
  4. CURSE THE PEOPLE OF GEORGIA!! They have voted out one of the most amusing people ever to sit in the US House of Representatives: Cynthia McKinney. Gosh, I hope there’s another fool waiting in the wings to keep me amused.

One thought on “Short takes …

  1. This is the US Congress…. of _COURSE_ they have another fool to amuse us.

    Entertain me, fool! Sing, dance, pass frivolous legislation!

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