What part of the phrase “deep-fried Coca Cola” don’t you understand?

It’s state fair time, which means the culinary masterminds of the fryolator are hard at work looking for new things to flash fry. So ten-gallon hats off to Abel Gonzales Jr. who made it possible for the State Fair of Texas to be able to become the first and hopefully last home to a concotion of Coca-Cola flavored-batter dropped in to sizzling fat then covered with Coke fountain syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry.

You first…

And to wash it down? Gummi candies that smell and taste just like beer.


4 thoughts on “What part of the phrase “deep-fried Coca Cola” don’t you understand?

  1. I think deep-fried Coca-Cola flavored batter covered in a coke syrup, whipped cream and a cherry sounds delish. I’d totally try that. Last month, I had fried macaroni and cheese for the first time. It. Was. So. Freakin’. Good. I was so disappointed when the local dairy bar where I had them didn’t have any more. Snow’s Diary Bar is out of “Mac & Cheese bites” for the season. Alas.

  2. More reasons to hate Meridith. Not only is she smart, charming and funny but apparently she has a nuclear reactor somewhere on her that allows her to eat this kind of stuff without endangering her waist line. We had a fire drill at my old CXO offices on a fairly windy day and I and several other colleagues took to slipping rocks into her jacket pockets so that we wouldn’t lose her. I jest only slightly.

    Mac & Cheese bites. I think I gained weight just reading about it.

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  4. That’s funny, CVH. And very kind. Ten-Q. I must admit, I’m right in the process of widening my waistline: as I write this, I’m munching on chocolates. mmmm….chocolate….aaaarrrrggghhh.

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