It looks good in any language…

  • vox havoc quod solvo penguins of ferrum
  • κλαίω havoc και ελευθερώνω the penguins του ειρωνία*
  • 啼声浩劫和发布反语企鹅
  • æpa eyðilegging og gefa út the mörgæs af háð
  • кричать опустошение и освобождать грамматический определенный член пингвин яние) от железный
  • kiáltás pusztulás és mentesít a pingvin -ból irónia
  • Ausruf Verheerung und Erlösung die Pinguine über Ironie
  • sanglot ravages et émission les pingouin de ironie
  • 歔 惨害 又 放免 ザ ペンギン of 諷刺
  • chria ddifrod a gollwng ‘r penguins chan eironi
  • schreeuw verwoesting en vrijmaking naar de vetgans van ironie
  • huudahtaa havoc ja esittämislupa pingviini -lta iva
  • And this is what you get if you try to translate Cry havoc and release the penguins of irony from english to english: arm with death love penguins incomplete metaphor. Close enough.

*Apparently Greek has no word for penguin. Who knew?


5 thoughts on “It looks good in any language…

  1. Let me check into this one for you…not only is my nearly 12 year old son a HUGE fan of anything penguin-y, but he’s also studying Ancient Greek as his foreign language at his fancy-pants private school….

  2. From my friend Kathryn who is Greek….
    “ok–so, the word for penguin is really just one of those words that makes me laugh–“poongonios” would be the phonetic. we had a real giggle since we asked my mom, who speaks very little English, and even she had trouble–that’s what happens when we get into the habit ofu sing certain English words even when we are speaking Greek! She actually called my sister and her husband who were in turkey, to ask them!”
    From New York City to Turkey and back, the concensus is…no word in Greek for penguin!

  3. Collateral Damage — we’re at the forefront of breaking news for ancient languages.

    I like poongonios, it sure beats αστείος επίσημος σοφίτα νερό πτηνό ότι μπορώ όχι πετάω (Funny formal attired water fowl that can not fly).

    So what the hell title was March of The Penguins marketed under in Athens?

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