Best … Use … Of … Camouflage … Ever

Camo Chocolate Malted Balls

Master Sgt. Big Brother Collateral Damage found these at the LL Bean shop in Freeport, Maine. Perfect for snacking under fire without getting your balls blown off. They are made by Wilbur’s of Maine.


5 thoughts on “Best … Use … Of … Camouflage … Ever

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  2. Hi Everyone: Wilbur’s of Maine manufactures an award winning line of gourmet chocolate malt balls in addition to our premium panned chocolates (choc covered blueberries, cranberries, etc). We developed our Camo malt balls – sort of tongue & cheek – as a fun item that hunters and others would love to pick up as a gift or just to enjoy themselves – while shopping in LL Bean and The Kittery Trading Post. Both businesses serve the sports, hunting & fishing communities and both have done very well with this product. Our other malt balls (all chocolate – no compound) include our Tropical Mix (key lime, orange creme, pina colada, strawberry & plum) our American Mix (blueberry, cranberry & coconut) and we also have fall harvest and holiday mixes. All premium chocolate gourmet items. Enjoy!
    Rita Feeney, National Sales Manager

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