How to make sure no one ever mistakes you for a real journalist

The caption reads: “Ann Curry, news anchor on the NBC ‘Today’ television program, is dressed as Cher, part of the show’s annual Halloween costume event in New York’s Rockefeller Center, Tuesday Oct. 31, 2006.”

At right is someone named Natalie Morales, alleged national correspondent for the show. Oddly Matt Lauer got to dress up as Jack Sparrow and not as a hyper-sexualized figurine.

Suddenly the words “Katie Couric” and “gravitas” don’t seem oxymoronic.

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4 thoughts on “How to make sure no one ever mistakes you for a real journalist

  1. Gawd, The Today Show sux so badly. These Halloween shenanigans only prove my point. The show and the network are so effing desperate for ratings they’ll sexualize their journalists. I thought Ann Curry was above that sort of thing. I’m disappointed to find out that apparently she’s not.

  2. While I get the point of this, doesn’t anyone remember Matt Lauer dressed in the green Jennifer Lopez dress one year? He had his chest to his belly out, and a considerable amount of leg that year.

  3. its called “HAVING FUN” – dont you think its refreshing to see on-air personalities NOT just read a script?

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