Don’t they risk enough? Shuttle astronauts to be fed “Swedish delicacies” on next trip.

I’d risk my life to go into space … unless they were serving lutefisk. In that case I’d stay home. For those of you fortunate enough never to have had it: Lutefisk is an alleged food fed by Norse-people to unsuspecting strangers. (It’s the cold weather equivalent of poi and one of the few dishes to make haggis seem appealing.) It was created because the Norse needed to preserve fish when they went sailing. Because their countries are too far north to evaporate enough salt to use that as a preservative, those crazy Norseketeers instead dried the fish until you could use it as timber and then soaked it in lye. MMMMM, lye … Yep the stuff that will kill you, that lye. In order to eat it (although it is better used as a weapon or a method of discouraging foriegners from moving to Norseland) you soak it until all the lye is removed — you hope. The result is a product that tastes like soggy cardboard but without as much flavor. Sadly, I know whereof I speak.

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