The funkiest moment of silence ever for one of the greats … James Brown

One of the greats doesn’t even begin to come close. He was wilder and weirder and smarter and more driven and totally uncompromising. He said it very, very, very loud that he was black and he was damn proud. He practically taught popular music that there was a lot more than 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures. (OK, this is a gross overstatement, but Mr. Brown deserves an overstatement or two just to come close to the truth.)

“He was an innovator, he was an emancipator, he was an originator. Rap music, all that stuff came from James Brown.” — Little Richard

In addition to his incredible, boundary-shattering skills as a composer and musician he was one of the greatest performers ever. Live at the Apollo is one of the all time most amazing performances ever recorded. (Boing Boing has links to some great videos of him burning down the house.) His bands were where George Clinton and others honed their craft before the great funk explosion of the 70s (and yes, that is different than disco). Another way to know how great Mr. Brown remains is the number of artists who are still stealing and/or sampling what he did.

I feel bad.

So bad.

Cuz I ain’t got you.


2 thoughts on “The funkiest moment of silence ever for one of the greats … James Brown

  1. As a tribute to this great man, here is what Billboard Magazine published in the days following the riots from the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King:
    “Hail, James Brown
    Billboard Magazine Editorial
    April 27, 1968
    Amid the looting and rioting in Washington., Brown came to the people and told a live television audience, “Get off the streets. Go home. Nothing can be gained by looting and burning, only sorrow and misery.” A few hours later, those who were not at home to see Brown make an appeal, were at home watching the continuous rebroadcast of Brown’s plea. Washington and the rioters withdrew into their homes taking the advice of James Brown, who is not a politician but a singer. Brown went to Washington at his own expense just as he went to Boston and other riot torn cities…”

  2. Ruth Brown. Ahmet Ertugen. And now James Brown.

    Damn. It’s been a bad few weeks.


    Papa’s Got a Brand New Box.

    Bummer, init?

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