Molly Ivins — one more bon mot

Collateral Damage Sr. knew the redoubtable Ms. Ivins and kicked around with her a bit. Over the weekend he told me of a multi-hour ride with her in Texas. She was driving and had a beer and a cigarette going the entire time. Despite this, he says, her driving was perfect. (Later in life, she would put down all those beers and other stuff.)

He also told the story of going to give a speech to some Rotarians in Keokuk, Iowa*.  One of the things Molly said: “Everyone knows the three most overrated things in this country are Mack trucks, teen-age pussy and the FBI.”

*It was probably a different group somewhere else in the Midwest. I generally don’t take notes when speaking with family. Sometimes they wish I did, though. “I said I was going to do what?”


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