Never know what you might find on the interweb

For example, this is from a blog called Kinectic Loop in a post with the excellent title, “Missing: Important Bald Man”:

So, if you happen to see someone in your mailroom who is playing the fujara and drinking from a can of Fresca, and if this person is bald, and looks like he may be important, please ask him why he is hardly ever in his office anymore. If he asks for your credentials, just tell him that you’re Constantine von Hoffman.

The blog has no info about its author so I have no idea if this is from someone I know in Chicago (from whence I was born and lived in and still have relatives) or if it’s just random fanmail from a flounder.

Another thing about this post. It links to my blog and yet it doesn’t show up on Technorati as being a link to my blog. Am I the only one who thinks that Technorati’s statistics are about as reliable as announcement regarding finding WMDs?


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