Dumb press release of the day: Art Casso Pet Painting Kits

Who is the first one to come running full speed ahead when you get home from work ˆ well if you are a blessed pet owner ˆ you know the feeling!  With both hearts racing with happiness ˆ gone are your workday worries and now it’s time to relax at home sweet home and put together a masterpiece!  Art Casso Pet Painting Kits are a great reward to allow you both to creatively express through art and don’t forget to get inspired from the lovely Pet Art By Kate that’s already hanging on the wall.

PAWSitive Expressions for you and your Pet to Enjoy with Pup-Casso & Kitty-Casso painting kits or Pet Art By Kate!

Give the gift of Pup-Casso & Kitty-Casso and you’ll be known as the “cat’s meow.” World’s first no mess ˆ non toxic, paint kit for pets  just awarded 2nd Place at the Global Pet Expo! Is your pet the next “Mutt-isse” or “Leonardo DaKitty”? You and your pet will create a masterpiece you will cherish forever! Transform your artwork into professionally made gifts you and your pet can share & wear. They’re fun, creative, and stimulating.

All typos are from the original.


6 thoughts on “Dumb press release of the day: Art Casso Pet Painting Kits

  1. First of all, this is why I don’t have two-legged children — they make messes with things like…well..finger-paint. And I’m gonna give this to my CAT?

    Second…have you ever tried to engage a cat in something he clearly does not want to do? Show me a cat who finger-paints…paw-paints…whatever!

  2. dumb idea, that’s for sure, wonder who thought of this stupid idea. I would rather spend money to have a beautifuf picture of my baby then to have a mess. I’d be afraid the nails would scratch the coating and the paint would get on their paws!

  3. Wow, people really will spend money just to spend money, i would be afraid that i would get paint all over the place and how much art can my dog do by just running over the thing or trying to get him to stand on it? than what do i do when he does it? This really takes us to the next level of who is the smart one here the inventor or the person who’s buy it! are people really buying this? get a piece of paper, saran wrap and create your own! it cost 0 $$$

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