Democrat makes brilliant grab for the gun-nut vote

The junior senator from Virginia has turned a potential felony into a brilliant marketing move. Yesterday one of Democratic Sen. Jim Webb’s aides got busted  for taking a loaded weapon belonging to the lawmaker into a Senate office building. Today Sen. Webb explained he felt the need to carry a gun to protect himself.

I believe it’s important, it’s important for me personally and for a lot of people in a situation that I am in, to be able to defend myself and my family,” said the veteran and former Reagan cabinet member.

Now that’s taking away a Republican issue.

If nothing else it pretty much guarantees that Webb will carry Texas should he ever be masochistic enough to run for president. As of today Texas seems to have removed whatever remaining limits the state had on being able to shoot your fellow human being.

A law signed today by Gov. Rick Perry allows for the reasonable use of lethal force if an intruder is:

  1. Committing certain violent crimes, such as murder or sexual assault, or is attempting to commit such crimes
  2. Unlawfully trying to enter a protected place
  3. Unlawfully trying to remove a person from a protected place.

OK, I can sort of see #’s 1 & 3. But No. 2 suggests I can shoot anyone who comes to my house and bugs me. “Look out honey! It’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses!”

Master Sgt. Big Brother Collateral Damage (USArmy) is our official ambassador to Gun-Nut Nation and even he gets nervous whenever they broaden the “right to shoot” laws. He’s already spent enough time in a country filled with untrained amateurs who felt no compuntction about firing their weapons. It was called Iraq.

“Other state’s are trying to abolish the death penalty… mine’s putting in an express lane.” — Ron White, one of my favorite comedians, on his home state of Texas.

(Graphic via Star Spangled Ice Cream.)


2 thoughts on “Democrat makes brilliant grab for the gun-nut vote

  1. Hey Lil’ CD… Some of my friends in the Army can read.. Master Sgt is two pay grades above me. I don’t mind but the Army ain’t paying me on your promotion of me….
    Not sure if the legal availability to use lethal force was actually broadened. Definition of “protected place”? I am nervous about this? Hmmm.

  2. Yes general sergeant major of the army colonel warrant office Big Brother Collateral Damage. Can I point out to your friends in the Armed Forces, that I am not an armed force. I am the little brother of one. I believe in sucking up to the armed forces, especially when they made a habit using me as the demo for much of his martial arts training when I was younger. (Like a few weeks ago.) You know this, but they do not, that when threatened with violence I tell my foe that I have a very rare blood type which is especially hard to get out of clothes.

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