Most expensive pursuit of trivia ever? $7K for a board game.

Someone is offering an edition of Trivial Pursuit with an inlaid leather board …

… Sitting atop a beautiful scalloped sided plinth and meticulously inlaid by hand and embossed in either Gold or Silver, the playing pieces are stowed in cushioned felt stowage compartments. A pair of leather-bound uncrushable dice cups, complete with trips to prevent unfair play — which is impossible if using the two ball cornered precision dice provided within this set. A pair of leather-bound Question card boxes with leather seperators and a leather rule envelope. Supplied as standard with acrylic “pies” and “segments,” these are also available in leather inlaid Sterling silver.

In silver: $4400. In gold: $7100. You first. Well, you first only if you live in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, and/or Antartica because here’s the kicker: “Please note at present Trivial Pursuit® is not available in USA & Canada.”

My wife will be soooo relieved.

UPDATE: Actually $7100 doesn’t even get you into the top 5 most for costly boardgames. A full list of the Top 10 prior to the unveiling of this edition of TP can be found here. BTW, the same company offers a chess set for $62K.

Thanks to Joe McKinley (The Unbeliever) for the link.


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