At $40K per copy, how many copies of this book does it take to become as best seller?

Super Bowl XL Opus MVP Edition.

“Every copy of the Opus, Limited or MVP edition, is hand-sewn and bound, covered in the finest quality leather, and presented in a wood-construction clamshell-style case covered in screen-printed silk. The MVP Edition shares the same content and production quality as the Limited Edition, but with one incredible difference. Each of the individually numbered copies from 1 to 400 has a single extra page—the MVP signature page. The Most Valuable Player award has created a special peer group of iconic football superstars. Incredibly, we have secured the signatures of every living MVP from the history of the Super Bowl on one page. The MVP Edition is not only the ultimate record of the Super Bowl, but also an amazing collector’s piece; an item of sports memorabilia unrivalled in the history of sport.”

Just the thing to read after playing that $20K boardgame. Buy it from Amazon and they’ll ship it for free! Here’s the best line on the page: “Only 3 left in stock–order soon (more on the way).”


(Thanks to Skott at Textiplication for the tip!)

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