Don Imus, Uncle Ben, Uncle Remus & Me

Wrote a column about this for Brandweek.

If you can find a copy of the print magazine, check out the head shot. I look like a bad CGI.

While Procter & Gamble dropping his show was more costly, in many ways the worst news for I-man was when Miralus Healthcare, a.k.a. “Head-On,” pulled its ads. Once they left, pretty much the only sponsors remaining were bail-bond shops and “Smiling Bob.” I mean, the only thing worse than that would be getting canned by MSNBC. Oh, wait a minute.


One thought on “Don Imus, Uncle Ben, Uncle Remus & Me

  1. What’s up? Are black folks not buying “Uncle Ben’s products like they use too?

    Are the family members of the original “Uncle Ben” receiving his (long past due) Chairman’s salary and royalties? Yeah we said it, money – $$$. If they (descendents) are not available, are nonprofit HBCU’s, or inner city boys and girls clubs getting any $$$.

    This is pure bogus to us. A fake Chairman of the Board. Soon they will be placing Kentucky Fried Chicken, Col. Sanders in Black Face”

    Read more about the new Uncle Ben in the New York Times article titled:

    Uncle Bean, Board Chairman

    A racially charged advertising character, who for decades has been relegated to a minor role in the marketing of the products that still carry his name, is taking center stage in a campaign that gives him a makeover — Madison Avenue style — by promoting him to chairman of the company.

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