Derek Jeter sucks … and smells!

jeterHere in Boston the phrase “Jeter sucks” is as ubiquitous as “have a nice day” is in friendlier parts of the nation. Turns out that not only does the Yankee’s shortstop (yeah, I wish he played for the Sox) do that but he also has an award-winning smell. Or at least award-winning smell packaging. Avon’s “Derek Jeter Driven” was named the year’s best packaging in the “Men’s Popular Appeal” category by the Fragrance Foundation last month. I’m sure that counts for a lot in the dugout.


3 thoughts on “Derek Jeter sucks … and smells!

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  2. The Definition of
    By: Alden Edmiston
    Before you get the idea that my anger is clouding my judgment, because true, I have no respect for any Yankee player with the exception of Reggie Jackson, then think again,, and before you jump to conclusions, read and let the words you read sink in, read with an open mind, and overrated doesn‘t mean bad, but the point I‘m trying to prove, is that overrated means someone can receive something they haven’t really earned, and don’t really deserve, that they can get too much attention for doing something no different than the way it’s done by 100% of other Athletes in baseball, and even though it’s nothing amazing at all, people act like it‘s so rare to see it, and it‘s nothing short of amazing, when in reality, the only amazing thing about it is that people make such a big deal and the player himself acts like he really does deserve the attention he gets for being so mediocre, by the time your done reading this, you‘ll see I‘m not lying, I‘m not letting anger towards the team that has a knack for doing whatever it takes to ruin baseball talk for me. So, since Jackson is the one Yankee I respect, I will look to defend him and bash my most hated Yankee Derek Jeter 1st and then take it from there. Rewind back to the 1977 World Series when “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson hit .450 in 6 World Series games, he went 9 for 20, with 1 double, 5 homeruns, 3 in game 6 alone, 10 runs, 8 RBI’s, 3 walks, and only 4 strikeouts. Now, fast-forward to the 2001 World Series, when Derek Jeter hit .148, went 4 for 27, 3 of which were singles, and 1 homerun in extra innings, he accounted for 1 RBI, 3 runs, with 6 strikeouts, No walks, and No Stolen Bases. The lone homerun hit by Jeter was a 3-2 pitch that just barely cleared the most shallow part of the field, and was the only extra base hit by him in the entire series. It was only due to the fact that Tino Martinez hit a 2 run homerun that tied the game in the 9th inning, and forced it to 10. Reggie Jackson hit 5 homeruns in the entire series, which lasted one less game than the 2001 series, and 3 were in one game, and all were no doubters on the 1st pitch, and the one at bat that wasn’t a homerun was a walk, in the decisive game 6 the Yankees won in a standard 9 inning game that they won 8-4. The one by Jeter like I was saying earlier was only due to 9th inning Heroics having nothing to do with Jeter, and gave Jeter one more chance to prove his status as the most overrated baseball player in the game and of all time, after hitting the walk off homerun that was just inches away from being a double, Derek Jeter was crowned “Mr. November,” Despite the fact that he hit 302 points less than Jackson, got 5 less hits in 7 more at-bats, 2 more strikeouts, 7 less RBI’S, and 7 less runs, in 1 more game, and in an era when more homeruns were hit. It only tied the series at 2 games a piece, a series they would go on to lose in 7 games, when Jackson’s 3 homeruns in game 6 along with the other ones earlier in the series helped the Yankees to win in 6 games. I guess all it takes for anyone to be Mr. October or Mr. November is to hit 1 homerun in the postseason, and depending on which month it’s hit in, if that‘s the case, how many other people should be called Mr. October/ Mr. November? After seeing all of that, I look at what Jackson did, and I look at what Jeter did, and in my opinion, to say that Jeter is Mr. November after doing so little is disrespectful to Mr. October. Earlier in that same Postseason, after the Yankees got themselves into a 0-2 hole in the 2001 A.L.D.S. against Oakland, one of the most overrated plays ever hyped about happened, again with the A’s up 2-0 in the series, they looked to sweep, but were down in the game 2-1 in the 7th with 2 outs, the batter at the plate ripped a double that looked to for sure tie the game at 2-2, but on his way around 3rd he stumbled, then hesitated again at the plate after the Yankees left fielder threw the baseball straight to home plate from about 400 plus or minus feet away, and Jeter just happened to be there, caught the throw, and flipped it to Posada, and never mind the fact the ball was thrown from about 400 feet away, never mind the fact that Giambi would have made it had he not hesitated, and may of even made it safely, and that either the pitcher or the 1st basemen was supposed to be there, so therefore, if there was one player that wouldn‘t of been needed in that play, it was him, because someone else was supposed to be doing what he was doing, and had they been there instead of Jeter, it wouldn’t have gained any significance, so never mind all of those things, as long as Jeter gets the credit for giving the least amount of effort, then it’s ok, because he’s Derek Jeter, remember? The only thing I can say is good job for making a heads up play, but nothing else, but he can’t even brag about that, because that’s just part of the game, he would anyway, though, it was said to of been a series altering event, and only he got credit for it. I keep hearing about how people say he is destined for the Hall of Fame, one of the biggest factors in having a Hall of Fame bound career is a series of plays beyond what most people can do…..He’s played for 11 ½ Seasons and only has 191 Homeruns, only 2 or 3 gold glove but yet the way he’s displayed on ESPN you’d think he would have one for every season he’s played, and when he got the 1st gold glove in 2004, after his career had bettered over the years, he was 8th out of 11 in Range Factor, 6th in Zone Rating, 4th in Fielding Percentage, 4th in fielding win shares, 5th in Fielding runs above placement, and 8th in Ultimate Zone Rating. Don’t you have to be in 1st in at least one category to earn a gold glove? Which is one of many ways the only thing he’s ever truly earned that he’s received is his status as not “Mr. November,” but “Mr. Overrated,”
    instead. He has since 2004 earned 1 or 2 more Gold Gloves, so it’s 2 or 3 in all, but his 1st one came after 9 years of playing, he is considered to be one of the all time best at his position, and though there are people who have won 3, 4, maybe even 5 or more gold gloves, they didn’t get the invitation to that honor, they‘ve voted for him to be one of the all-time gold glove winners, “HE‘S ONLY WON 2 OR 3!!!,” And he didn’t earn them if his numbers from 2005, and 2006 if he won one then, too, looked anything like they did in 2004. To say he is overrated, though, and destined for that status to hopefully keep him out of Cooperstown, with that you have a real argument that he is one of the most overrated players in sports. according to most people with a real brain, and from what I’ve read, most of the of the baseball playing and watching world, just not enough to keep him from ruining baseball with his plays that I only laugh at when I see people talking about how great they are. I was listening to the radio and the people on the radio were talking about how great Jeter is doing with his hitting, when the Yankees were in 4th place, and at the time he had 4, or 5 homeruns, Alex Rodriguez had 30, the most of any MLB player at the time, now about 2 months later, Jeter has 8, and Alex Rodriguez has 44, Jeter’s 8 along with all of his other Homeruns equals altogether like I said before 191 total, A-Rod has 508, but he wasn’t even mentioned in the Broadcast. A few days ago I was reading a summary of game 1 of the 2003 World Series, the summary I read said Derek Jeter hit a “Clutch” hit in the third inning because the RBI single tied the game at 1-1, I’ve never heard of any “clutch” hit that tied the game at 1, and the only exception I could even think of would be one that tied the game at one in late innings, like the 8th, 9th, or later, but his was in the 3rd. The so-called clutch hit didn’t even help the Yankees to win, Juan Pierre hit a drag bunt in the 1st inning, and ended up scoring the 1st run of the game as a result, that wasn’t considered clutch, though, then in the 5th, broke the 1-1 tie by hitting what seemed like an impossible pitch to hit into left field, scoring 2 and giving the Marlins a 3-1 lead, a hit that was hit past the ever-so dependable Jeter, a lead that would stick, and ended up being 3-2. So therefore, Juan Pierre scored the 1st run of the game after getting on base with a drag bunt, then after Jeter’s “Clutch,” hit that tied the game at 1-1, Pierre then broke the tie giving the Marlins a 3-1 lead with a real clutch hit that got by Jeter, helped his team win, and even caught the last out of the game, but wasn’t considered “Clutch”, like many things associated with Jeter, it doesn’t add up. You might have heard about how he’s so much more amazing than players from back in the day like Ruth, Mantle, DiMaggio, and Maris, because of the amount of hits in postseason play and postseason games that he’s played in. People fail to realize that there was a time when there was no Divisional Series, there was no A.L.C.S. The A.L.C.S. started in 1969, after all or most of those greats that Jeter has more hits than and more Postseason games under his belt than had retired, and it only took 3 wins to advance to the World Series in the A.L.C.S. until 1985, and the Divisional Series didn’t even start until 1995, along with one in 1981. You’ll notice that when the Yankees do good he’s all over the T.V., shown in various commercials, but when they are struggling, he isn’t anywhere, and everyone else gets the blame for the Yankees lack of success. In 2004, after the Yankees had already lost in the Playoffs in 2001, 2002, and 2003, Alex Rodriguez made the unselfish move from Short-Stop to 3rd Base after coming to the Yankees, and despite the move, his talent was in no way affected, in the 2004 A.L.C.S. against Boston, he hit .258 with 2 Homeruns, Derek Jeter hit just .200, with only 1 extra base hit, and 3 errors between games 1 and 7, even though the Yankees scored 45 runs and got 78 hits between games 1 and 7, winning games 1-3, 10-7, 3-1, and 19-8, and losing games 4-7 6-4(12), 5-4(14), 4-2, and 10-3, and his 3 errors were the only 3 errors for the Yankees and the 1st and only extra base hit, a double, didn’t occur until the 6th inning of game 5, a game they would go on to lose, along with the fact that the Yankees lost the previous 3 years even though Jeter is the captain of the team, and coincidently, 2001, which was the 1st year of the streak of 6 consecutive losses in the playoffs was the 1st year Jeter was considered the captain of the team, the face of the team, (at least when they do well), but if they’re supposed to ride on Jeter’s back so he can lead them into the Promise land, then if they lose, shouldn’t it always be his fault. I mean shouldn’t the captain go down with the ship instead of abandoning it for the purpose of a better image than the people who take the blame for such a selfish player, so how was it that A-rod was plagued with the “Curse of A-Rod”? A-Rod was the one moved to 3rd because anyone with half a brain knows that A-Rod is without a doubt, a better Short-Stop, but Steinbrenner uses some of his 200 million to always make Jeter into a superhero on ESPN. If A-Rod were to play Short-Stop, Yankee fans might have grown a brain and saw just how ridiculous giving Jeter so much recognition for so little work really is. If you look closely at his jump throws where he looks like he’s off balance, and actually look with your own eyes and not through the eyes of someone else’s opinion, you’ll see that the jump throws, if they are even necessary, are only made because of the lack of range in his arm, the other reason he refused to go to 3rd base. In 2004, 2 similar plays were made by him, one a play against Boston during the regular season, a play that was made by him, and another shred of proof of his Overrated status, after a ball was hit foul, Jeter went to make the catch, slowly jogged to where the ball would eventually be caught, after he caught it, he all of the sudden sped up and tripped over the foul wall, he caught the ball about 6-8 feet away from the wall. Later that same year, he made another catch, this time right at the wall, but it was still ridiculous that he fell, considering the fact that he had come to a complete stop before he caught it and that the ball was caught behind Jeter‘s head, which would make you think he would fall backwards instead of forwards, but yet he still fell into the stands after the catch. I just want to know, how is it that someone can get so much recognition for getting nothing but base hits all the time with an occasional homer is considered to be “clutch,” and has a .317 Average, and a .461 Slugging Percentage, but anyone else who hit’s like that is struggling, and has a .200 average and? I read a page of some idiot Yankee fan who wrote some of Jeter’s accomplishments, one of which is that he has the most singles of any Yankee in history, and that’s something to brag about? People want you to believe that something that takes so little talent and is something other players do all the time is something great just because a certain person does it, not because it’s actually anything spectacular. I mean where was Jeter in 1995, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, when he was supposed to be giving his team another World Championship? Instead he was letting other players take the blame for the loss. If one person is the reason for so much success, then one should take the blame if it’s not a good year, and that doesn’t make much sense, does it? It’s as simple as that. In his entire post-season career through 2003, a total of 99 games spread over eight seasons, Derek Jeter had a .210 BA/.355 OBP/.306 SLG hitter with runners in scoring position and a .245/.345/.329 hitter with men on base. Take that and add in the fact that, over the four post-seasons of [2000-2003], he is a .176/.263/.323 hitter in “close and late” situations [after the 7th inning in 1-run or tied games]. Umm… “clutch”? I don’t think so. From about 1997 through 2003 (before A-Rod got forced out of the shortstop position and Nomar suffered through an injury plagued year and Miguel Tejada passed all three of them), Jeter was considered an equal member of the “trinity” of future Hall of Fame shortstops. Here’s a comparison of the 3 of them:
    A-Rod: (1995-2003) .308/.382/.581 (963 OPS).
    Nomar: (1996-2003) .323/.370/.555 (925 OPS)
    Jeter: (1995-2003) .317/.389/.462 (851 OPS).
    One of those do not belong. Actually, A-Rod was just clearly the best shortstop in baseball over the past 8 seasons, Nomar was a solid second, and Jeter was a distant 3rd (and passed by Renteria and Tejada in 2003). Derek Jeter’s defensive range factor (2000-2003): 23rd out of 23 eligible shortstops. Substitute Yankee shortstops during that time period: 17% better. Derek Jeter’s defensive “zone rating” (the number of balls in his “zone” that he records an out on) (2000-2003): 21st out of 22 eligible shortstops.
    Peter Richmond in GQ (Sept. 98):
    “He’d been summoned by the baseball gods; to carry the torch, to help save the team and the stadium and maybe even the game of baseball itself.” Yeah, right, if ruining a game is what he thinks saves it, then he‘s doing a great job. He has some nerve giving himself a single digit number like the likes of Babe Ruth(3), Mickey Mantle(7), Joe DiMaggio(5), and Roger Maris(9) among others who unlike Jeter, earned their success. It’s no wonder the Yankees are considered, “The Evil Empire,” because the Face of the Yankees “Jeter,” has been called Satan himself. Some of you might be thinking, “Oh, he’s just jealous, he just wishes he had Jeter on his team, your dead wrong if you’re thinking that. My statements are not based on ignorant assumptions, it’s true facts that anyone not in the biggest denial ever will admit to be true, whether you want to or not, now that you‘re starting to realize that I‘m not wrong, admit it, you’ll only get more and more pissed off after defending him and at the same time realizing how wrong you are, but just too proud too admit it. If you’re thinking that well, it’s not his fault that the media makes such a big deal out of him, way more than he deserves, and if that’s the case, than A: that’s further proof that he doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, if the only reason he is so talked about is because the media makes such a big deal out of him, then does he really deserve anything, has he really earned anything that he’s gotten, and even if he has, does it really equal what people say it does, for those of you still thinking, the answer is no, where do you think he would be without the media? Would he even be a starting player? And B: He acts like he really does deserve this honor, like if he were to receive it, it’s because he earned it without a doubt, the things he says, his whole demeanor, he takes the credit for the this image that people have given him. It’s no surprise his name rhymes with “Cheater”. All these things you hear about him are stories bent out of proportion in so many ways to give him the image of a Hall of Fame candidate, when in reality he’s just another average or below average player, So because he’s not denying it, he‘s been lying to you all of these years. How is it that he is just so much better than every other Hispanic short-stop, they‘re born playing Baseball and could school Jeter any day of the week. So there you have it. Derek Jeter, Mr. Clutch, Mr. Perfect, Mr. I’m so Great even the Red Sox have nice things to say about my work ethic while they bash A-Rod. I hope I’ve enlightened some of you as to the reasons why the man you are rooting for is actually in fact Satan himself. He has been compared to a High School Football quarterback doesn’t have a strong arm but at least he doesn’t throw any interceptions, and has a lot of big, strong, and fast linemen to make him look like a superstar. You can also tell he is overrated by the Gatorade commercial, when he get a single and Harvey Keitel plays his conscience, telling him to steal and all the reasons he should. A: What does it have to do with Gatorade, I mean if he was shown trying and failing to steal once, then drank some Gatorade, then stole with success the 2nd time, then maybe, or even if he was just shown taking a drink of Gatorade and stole successfully the 1st time, but he didn’t even do that. And B: Jeter isn’t known for his base stealing skills, in fact, if you think about it, the only thing he is truly known for that he really deserves is being so overrated, he was voted most overrated baseball player by other Major Leaguers. So, when you hear someone say, “He’s no Derek Jeter,” You can say, “Thank God for that.” who can look to a guy who takes all of the glory and none of the blame, when glory isn’t deserved and blame is. That is all.

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