Scariest headline of the day: “Wild new flavours spice up German sausages”

Mmmmm, German cuisine.

German butchers have introduced a new line of exotic-tasting sausages with flavours ranging from kiwi, maraschino cherry, lemon and even aloe vera.

So if the hardening of the arteries doesn’t kill you the flavors will? ALOE VERA? Isn’t that for like your hands and your hair?

German food is the only thing that can make me nostalgic for UK-cooking before the influx of Indians and Pakistanis made food there worth eating.


One thought on “Scariest headline of the day: “Wild new flavours spice up German sausages”

  1. 1995: I spent 3 weeks in Germany staffing a trade show. The best meal we had the entire week was at Pizza Hut.

    One evening we hankered for BLTs. At this table of engineers, one of our greater members took out a pad of paper and, with some input, proceeded to put together a very detailed engineering drawing of a BLT. It included two variants: crispy bacon and limp bacon.

    As I recall 5 of us placed orders for this delicacy: 3 crispy and 2 limp. After a few minutes the waitress (a very nice girl…yes girl, as I recall) came out with raw bacon and the engineering drawing, clearly concerned that two of us wanted raw bacon. We’re glad she asked. After a few minutes and some additions to the drawing, away she went. About 30 minutes latter we got our BLTs and, if memory serves, they were excellent. Mine was crispy and really good. Almost as good as the bacon pizza the night before.

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