The joys of journalism

There’s nothing like getting laid off to really build your self-esteem. Trust me, I know. Recently even, like for the second time in three years. Yep. At the end of the month I will be a former Sr. Reporter for Brandweek. (“He’s not dead. He’s pinin’ for the fjords.”) Budget cuts came down from on high and I went down with them. It’s the nature of the biz. So if you or someone you know has need of a smart & sometimes funny writer/editor/reporter/analyst/blogger/nice guy, send ’em my way. If you’re curious about my professional background, check out my web site,



3 thoughts on “The joys of journalism

  1. If you think journalism is rough, definitely stay out of marketing. Four times in twelve years. Which is why I’m trying to start my own business…in publishing. Apparently, I’m not smart.

    No need for it to hit your self-esteem, though. The way I look at it, lay-offs are about bad management, not bad employees. I’m sorry to hear it anyway.

  2. Silly them. Sorry about the attendant upheaval. No fun even when things turn out better… which they likely will. I’ll keep my eye out for you. (Though since I’m late reading this, it’s perhaps not necessary!) All the best. –sandy

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