5 blogs that make me think

awardTom Chandler of Trout Underground & Copywriter Underground fame has tagged me as one of the “Five Blogs That Make Him Think.” I am flattered both by the honor and by the fact that he bestowed it despite what that might mean for his professional reputation. Also, as a result, there are discussions with a certain company regarding a J-O-B. So Mr. C., I owe you one big fat juicy fly to help you lure trout to their deserved fate.

Seems we’ve got a meme here.

Here are the rules:

  1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
  2. Link to the Maven’s post which says such nice things about you so that people can follow the meme’s trail.
  3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

So I’ll add my list. This is in no particular order and I’m using the no-nepotism rule, so that leaves out BrokeHoedown. However if you want to read about how a wildly wonderfully subversive person views Disney, then go there now. I don’t see anyone else writing about Disney security and racial profiling.

  • chmksuxChurchMarketingSucks: I do not subscribe to a particular creed, although I am definitely a deep believer in The Big Kahuna (Kahunette?) and will mention it in polite company. As a result I am aware of the difficulties of talking to people about faith without coming across like an idiot or a proselytizer. That’s what this blog focuses on. It has everything from basic tips on marketing your church to thoughts about what it means to do marketing when you work for Brand G. All done in a helpful, inclusive and humble manner.
  • Murketing: Rob Walker, the person who writes the Consumed column in the NYT magazine, also writes this blog. He describes Consumed as “part business report, part cultural anthropology.” That’s a good description of Murketing as well. Although he tends to rely too much on facts instead of attitude like a certain blog you are reading right now, he makes me think.
  • KitUp: This is a blog where servicemen and women make suggestions about what items you should take with you when going to play in the George W. Bush Dessert Classic. Recent topics include the use of Glad Press n Seal to keep sand out of keyboards, a DIY guide to refurbishing an M-14, and using a key-chain beeper to tell your green duffle bag from all the others. This is a blog that shows the day-to-day difficulties of being in the service and the ingenious ways people are overcoming them. It’s what I’d want SSG Big Brother Collateral Damage to read if he ever had to go back to the sandbox. I read it myself to get a very small clue about what the sandbox is like.
  • YouThoughtWeWouldn’tNotice: This is the site where designers, graphic and otherwise, show how their work is being ripped off by larger companies. Thanks to this site I will never buy anything from Urban Outfitters again. Check this site out so that when you hire a designer because of something he/she has designed you know if you’re getting the right designer.
  • EncylopediaHanasiana: Jim Hanas does something similar to CD (except, again, with too much emphasis on “facts”). He takes a good look at what’s going on underneath/behind a lot of events and, again, makes connections that no one else does.
  • The Obscure Store: We’ll call this 5A. Very funny news stories. I’ve been a fan of his for years.

Must Read News Feeds: These aren’t really blogs but they make me think a lot, too.

  • TreeHugger: This is where I go to get my below-the-radar environmental news.
  • ClickZNews: Great source of info about technology & marketing. Stuff frequently shows up here before it shows up anywhere else. Also they make connections that a lot of other places don’t.
  • DealBook: The NYT’s survey of what’s going on in the realm of mergers, acquisitions, etc. Must read.
  • ConsumerAffairsNews: Aggressive reporting on behalf of the consumers, which is to say: All of us.
  • BoardGameNews: What can I say? One of my passions.

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