At what point does “Made In China” become a marketing liability?

MICSo first we had China trying to kill off our pets with melamine, then they poisoned our toothpaste with anti-freeze (and ooops yeah it was a lot more widespread than we thought), put lead in the paint on toys, made defective tires, and screwed up on food from the sea and elsewhere.

I think I’ve figured out the Chinese plan for world domination. It’s not efficient but it is subtle.

I’m particularly incensed about this story BECAUSE I HAD IT. Long about when the toothpaste story first making noise (and no one paid any attention at the time) I started bugging my editors at Brandweek about it. I wanted to do a story about how much of a problem this could be for marketers. What are companies doing to protect their product and what do marketers do when “made in china” becomes a pejorative regardless of the quality of the product? They passed on it. So did one other place. SIGH. I’ll keep trying, but it’s getting old fast.

Sometimes a story comes by and you know how it’s going to unfold and you can’t get anyone to listen. In the news business it’s said that three things make a trend. The trick is to see it when there are only two.

If you want to read a story I wrote about the difficulties of doing business in China go here.

One thought on “At what point does “Made In China” become a marketing liability?

  1. Many of our antibiotics come from China or have ingredients from China. When I called the company that makes my doxycycliene they told me that the ingredients come from China. The best security they could offer was that they were FDA approved to sell products in the US and met US standards. That doesn’t give me any confidence in the product. It took the company 3 days to find out if the ingredients come from China. There isn’t labeling that says that the ingredients come from China. The consumer really has no protection and is forced into low cost generics by health insurance companies. It will take people dieing and a huge class action lawsuit to get the powers that be to pay a attention to this issue.

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