Is Neopets a “Neoscam”?

The Whatchamacallit thinks so and he’s the family expert on the topic. He’s very unhappy about changes to his beloved site since Viacom purchased it.

Thats right, VIACOM BOUGHT NEOPETS! Ever since, neopets has been going down hill. The idea of neopets is a free tamagotchi, a website, that wouldn’t charge you, for anything. a site that would bring joy and happyness through out the world, and would have cybunnys fluttering down the rainbow over neopia central and…

My boy’s first rant. I couldn’t be happier.


9 thoughts on “Is Neopets a “Neoscam”?

  1. I honestly think that Neopets had gone down hill as well. Most of the people wondering why others complain about the site are those who a new members. Those who have been on the site for years realize the downfalls that it had faced by being bought by VIACOM since they have seen it through different stages while the newer members have only seen it as how it is now.

  2. Neopets used to be the greatest website on planet earth! It still ranks in the top ten or so, but it’s been going downhill. Some new things are really cool, but with the neocash mall, premium, and ssw, people seem to think that it’s the best thing to pay to get these extras.

    Neopets isn’t my website, but it’s my one of my faves.

  3. The only people who don’t get why people complain about Neopets are the ones who recently joined. It’s not nice to have a favourite place turned into cute fluffy child land in place of a once humour filled playground for adults.

    Anyway, I’m holding out for Twin Skies! =)

  4. Hey I run a Neopets blog. And I like the new version of neopets and everthing much easier. And if you check the date of it now, it has become way better it came back up the hill and went through the sky.

  5. I have to agree with this, I was on Neopets years ago, (only a couple of years after it was 1st established) and believe it has become too commercialised, it still has some fun games and stuff.

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