The latest in nutraceuticals: Anti-aging pizza

Eugenio Luigi Iorio, a nutritionist and biochemist at the University of Naples, has invented the “primula” pizza– which has three times the fiber and more magnesium and iron than a regular pizza. The pizza, created  with Cosimo Mogavero — owner of a restaurant called La Fabbrica dei Sapori (The Taste Factory) restaurant — features at least eight vegetables or sauces in the pizza allegedly create the anti-oxidant effects against ageing: tomatoes, rocket, garlic, courgettes, basil, mushrooms, carrots and spinach.

Best part of the story: Someone is protesting. A group called The True Neapolitan Pizza Association, which must exist only so reporters have someone to call on a slow news day, says the wholemeal flour that goes into the primula prevents the characteristic crust from forming. Best line of the story: “The association has complained in the past about the sale of pizza-by-the-slice.”

Now that’s something worth protesting about.


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