Is this really necessary? Introducing the bulletproof bookbag

BPBFor a mere $175 you can indulge your paranoia.

“Exclusive Ballistic Panel is integrated into the high quality and stylish backpack in production. A ballistic panel is similar to the traditional bullet resistant vest worn by military and police weighing a minimum of ten pounds. Weighing just 20oz (the weight of a small water bottle), our ballistic panel is light enough for a young child to carry as part of their pack.”

I want to be there when the parent tells the 6-year-old, “If someone goes bang hold up your backpack so you won’t get hurt.”

Unless you live in Iraq, you gotta figure the odds of a kid actually needing this are so high as to make the lottery look like a sure thing.

To see a site that definitely understands the insanity of this go to


11 thoughts on “Is this really necessary? Introducing the bulletproof bookbag

  1. What colors does it come in? Hello Kitty motif? I want it for my next trip overseas ! ! !

  2. I agree, capitalism meets paranoia, sheesh. A backpack with flashing lights, reflective stripes, and an orange flag on a pole would save dozens of children from being hit by cars every year, this invention will likely save zero lives, ever. The sensationalization of the media has destroyed people’s ability to make realistic risk assessments.

  3. “The sensationalization of the media has destroyed people’s ability to make realistic risk assessments.”

    Yeah … no. This particular dance takes two to perform. While I will happily agree that much of the media is more than prepared to sensationalize pretty much anything, people’s irrationality and inability to make realistic risk assessments were screwy long before the rise of the mass media. (Man, that sentence was waaaaay too long.)

  4. I have gone to the website. I am not sure that it isn’t a spoof. Done very well with a very straight face. One of the demo videos has that gone to extreme look of a spoof. If so my hats off to them…. If not, a referral to Child Protective services may be in order.

  5. BulletProofBaby is a total spoof. The makers of the bullet-proof backpack is real. I’m just not naming/linking to them cuz I don’t want to reward stupidity. Except my own.

  6. With the latest school shootings, 4 seperate ones already this school year, 2 different Columbine type massacers stopped, 3 different schools arresting children with guns, (that’s only what’s been reported). Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea.

  7. what the hell are you guys bitching about? arguing against protection? –Fact is the police can’t prevent something like a school shooting… yourself is your last line of defense, not cops. I go to NIU, ya know a college? and sense I cant bring a gun to down crazy fuckers I gotta use a bookbag.

  8. I see your point Lew. Sad thing is this started out as a piece of satire and now someone could actually market it as a real thing that there’s a need for. You have my sympathies.

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