MySpace considers even more ads on its pages

I’m not sure if my problem with MySpace is generational or what. I just find it has waaaaay too many ads for me. But I am so totally not it’s key demographic that what I think really doesn’t matter. Still the news that they’re looking at ads on profile pages is very odd.

MySpace may allow users to place ads on their pages, lifting the ban on user ads that’s been in place for most of the site’s history. The move would aim to increase MySpace’s revenue, so no doubt MySpace would demand a cut of any ads you put on your pages.

That said — as the article points out — given that the ads are for things the person themselves is marketing (via ebay or elsewhere) then it actually might sit well with their members.

BTW, here’s my profile. I promise soon to post all the bazillion or so different sites I now have a profile on. It’s a hazard of my new job.


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