Vatican Air hits its first snag: Airport security confiscates holy water

Officials at Tarbes-Lourdes airport in southern France said that bottles of water from the shrine at Lourdes could present a potential terrorist threat. The pilgrims were told they could not carry holy water in bottles bigger than the maximum allowed: 100 ml. 

No divine intervention with security?

Another possible explanation: Airport Security is actually being staffed by Vampires. Think about it.

BTW, the Vatican knows from customer service:

The airline provided a small bottle of holy water, in the shape of the Virgin Mary, for each passenger, once they had boarded the plane for the flight home from Lourdes.

Are they being sold on eBay yet?

On behalf of comedians everywhere I would like to say, “Thank God for Vatican Airlines.”


2 thoughts on “Vatican Air hits its first snag: Airport security confiscates holy water

  1. Lourdes water isn’t holy water. It’s ordinary water taken from a sacred spring. It has a reputation for healing – people traditionally drink and bathe in it. Hundreds of thousands come to Lourdes each year to stand in line for hours at the taps and fill large containers for family and friends who can’t make the trip. Offering a three-ounce bottle to pilgrims who traditionally carry away five or ten gallons is ridiculous and insulting. This is one of the nicest Catholic traditions besides being one of the most lucrative in Europe. Not good publicity for Mistral at all.

    The small Virgin Mary bottles have been around for decades and are sold on a variety of websites. You don’t actually pay for the water, but you do pay for the containers. The link I have posted takes you to an official site where you can buy containers with water (high price is due to shipping) and learn more about the spring and its history.

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