The smelliest trend: More developments in scratch & sniff advertising

noseAs previously noted, I have seen the future of marketing and it is a return to Odorama — best known for its use by John Waters in Polyester. (And yes, I know that it was originally called .)

Here in Boston a woman named Megan Dickerson

staged outdoor showings of [the movie] “Willy Wonka” for hundreds of people and used oscillating fans and artificially scented oils to distribute aromas of blueberry pie and banana taffy during the film. With help from local art houses and the Boston Children’s Museum, she plans to bring other films for sniffing to theaters this fall. (I promise to attend a screening even if it’s that horrible remake and report back.)

Ms. Dickerson and the LA Times aren’t alone in seizing the nose for marketing.

In March, Trisenx Holdings Inc. started a Web site ( where, for $17.95 a month, users can sniff out “scent-enabled content” that includes movies, music videos and news.

I wonder if they provide this service for blogs?

If you’ve never read it you owe it to yourself to read Gogol’s short story “The Nose.” A man is abandoned by his nose which is ashamed of him. I look forward to the movie version.


Pancake Meow, a lovely site showcasing (and selling) the wares of a talented polymer-clay artist named Leslie, is full of calorie-free sweet treats to adorn yourself with. Take this adorable Stack-O-Pancakes Ring ($22), for example. Not only is the silver-toned ring adjustable to perfectly suit your fingers, the “main stone” is a stack of maple-scented buttermilk pancakes! It’s even got a pat of butter and a generous helping of maple syrup. (via Popgadget)

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