Maryland opens Homeland Security High School

The comedy of terrors continues…

microphoneJoppatowne High School in Harford County, Maryland, is first in the nation to offer a 75-student magnet program centered on homeland security. The program, called the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Magnet Program, focuses on “preparing high school students for careers in disaster response, high-level computer science and law enforcement” and begins in the fall. Students “will be given limited security clearances to enable them to perform internships at nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground, where the military develops and tests conventional and biological weapons.” Selected students will study “public safety, border control, religious ideology, geospatial technology, cybersecurity, and threat identification.”

What’s the school mascot? A microphone? A metal detection wand?

Anyone who plays on the football team is guaranteed a job in the N.E. Patriots front office.

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2 thoughts on “Maryland opens Homeland Security High School

  1. Also, isn’t it supposed to be a “magnate” program? Seriously, this is one of the poorer examples of homophone confusion I’ve seen recently (and I’ve seen a lot: “eek out,” “run it passed you,” and so on). A “magnet” program? Is it only for “attractive” children? Or is this a real term and I’m just behind the times?

  2. Sorry, dude you are waaay behind the times. Back when mastodons roamed the earth and I was in high school, I attended a magnet school. They are called that because they are supposed to be a magnet for all those interested in a particular subject.

    Would a magnate magnet school would be for those hoping to become tycoons, I guess.

    What would their mascot be?

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