Hershey makes stealth move into camouflage chocolate market

As the first blogger to discover the trend of sweets that won’t betray your position under fire, I believe Hershey’s owes me a finders fee. The candy giant is now selling its own version:

hershey kisses camo

No matter how tempted you may be, do NOT send these to those participating the George Bush Desert Classic. A: This is a woodland camo. B: They would melt in the shipping and not in the soldiers’ mouths.

(BTW, found this at the wonderful JunkFoodBlog.)


One thought on “Hershey makes stealth move into camouflage chocolate market

  1. I will never buy another hershey product as long as I live. They stole this camo kiss from a middle school special education student in Maryland. The student had the idea drew a picture and sent the Idea to Hershey. This was in 2005. Hershey sent a letter that said they do not take sugestions from the public. I have the letter and the original letter from the student. Hershey did this student wrong and should at least give credit where it is due.

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