Is Web 2.0 satire even possible?

 (Cross-posted from my other blog: Business & Networking)

The following was actually not generated by one of those DIY Web 2.0 sites listed yesterday:

2pointnologoBAAGZ, from the French Web and enterprise search company Exalead , is a new search and collaboration system, still in beta, that applies Web 2.0 features to social networking. While the idea of using search topics and vetted results as nodes around which dynamic topical networks could form is interesting, the current early beta implementation gives just a hint of what may be possible.

There’s a site that trying to be a parody of MySpace & co. called FriendSpaceBook. The site invites you to make parody profiles of friends and/or celebrities. This suggests that the creators haven’t spent enough time reading actual profiles on these sites. I think a similar fate awaits The Facebook Book, a dead-tree attempt to satirize all of this that will be published by Harry Abrams just in time to be remaindered.

When the reality is already this silly all you have to do is report.


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