Parse that mission statement

Further proof that mission statements are over-emphasized. Can you ID the following Web 2.0 company? It is successful despite a mission statement that says:

“We provide innovative experiences to end-users and their administrators because we see existing tools are fundamentally broken. We also believe in compatibility with existing infrastructure and applications (both open source and proprietary).”

“We see existing tools are fundamentally broken”? Is there a language in which this makes sense?

What makes this company even funnier is that nowhere on its site is there a simple declarative sentence saying what it is they do. I’ve parsed the jargon and I think I might know what they do but it is indeed a guess.

BTW, no one guessed why yesterday’s symbol was important (except the one person who actually knew).

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2 thoughts on “Parse that mission statement

  1. My first guess was Second Life, on account of the phrase “innovative experiences,” but the company sounds more geared toward enterprises than individual consumers. But then again, businesses are on Second Life, too. Con, tell us which company this awful mission statement belongs to.

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