Not very pretty in pink: Monopoly for girls

There are about a trillion different editions of Monopoly out there all of which appeal to different segments of the population. For ironists there is the Dot Com edition (yeah, I got it). CollateralDamage Jr. owns something like three different Star Wars editions (one of which is a really cool design with place on the board to hold the deeds until you buy them). Apparently the one segment not yet targeted is actually 51% of the population. Thus Monopoly in pink. Ugliest edition ever? You decide. I just hope they gave Mr. Moneybags some gender re-assignment surgery. Hey Hasbro, how about just releasing the Hello Kitty edition here in the US?


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6 thoughts on “Not very pretty in pink: Monopoly for girls

  1. I must admit that I rather like it, but I’m pretty much a sucker for anything pink. My kitchen is bubble gum pink. My home office, a light purply pink. Downstairs bathroom: light pink. Laundry room? You guessed it, also pink.

  2. Given that you keep an adorable selection of plushies in your car (artfully arranged no less), I can’t tell you how little of a surprise this is.

    I assume your husband is color blind?

  3. wow that is ugly and such a miss on the target market it’s not funny. I do not see all little girls gravitating towards this because the only thing that is different about it is that it’s pink and you could never play this with boys – because they’d make fun of you.

  4. actually, in addition to it being pink, they’ve replaced the dog, thimble, shoe, and money bag pieces with flip flops, a handbag, and a hairdryer.

    and instead of houses and hotels, the development properties are boutiques and malls.

    chance and community chest cards are instant messages and text messages.

    finally, utilities have been replaced with beauty salons.

    SO, there are quite a few more differences than just the fact that it’s a pink board with an adorable keepsake box (that doubles as a jewelry box). I love this edition, and know several ladies who would LOVE to have one.

  5. OK. the voting shows that I am wrong — even though I do find it a tad on the aesthetically displeasing side. I am not the market that Hasbro is going after so my opinion in fact is irrelevant. Well, my opinion is pretty much always irrelevant. BTW, the last poster — sara — has a great email name: trisaratops. Bravo!

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