Patriots & Red Sox are ruining my kid

This is so sad. He’s 11 and he thinks this is how it goes — your teams win. All the time. He doesn’t know what’s out there waiting… the heartbreak. C’mon guys, for the sake of my son’s future you’ve got to start losing. Won’t someone think of the children?

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11 thoughts on “Patriots & Red Sox are ruining my kid

  1. I have a friend from St. Louis who thinks the Sox and Pats are cocky. I just couldn’t explain to him the years of torture that came before. If my son never knows the pain of having your heart broken each October, will this make him less of a man later?

  2. My son is 13 – likes the Red Sox and the Marlins. So he has 3 World Series victories in his life.

    Which is two more than me. Sigh…

  3. “I have a friend from St. Louis who thinks the Sox and Pats are cocky.”

    I ran into someone from St. Louis who had the same problem. Look it’s not our fault we beat the Cardinals and the Rams in the same year. We aren’t picking on St. Louis. They’re just sore losers.

    I’m trying to get my son to also root for the Cubs (along with me) to give him some perspective on what life is really like.

  4. Does he want to talk to my son? My son was born in 1995 and he’s a Yankees fan. Do the math.

    Then again, his second most favorite team? The Cubs? Maybe he was preparing himself all along. Kids are pretty resilient.

  5. You in denial? Thought you had gotten past that. I only really pay attention to the Cubs, Yankees and Bears…. Sometimes the White Sox. Hillary is some sort of carpet-bagger.

  6. At least my son is genuine in his passions. He does not hope to achieve any political office through the careful parsing of his affections.

  7. you know what. im 16, okay so your kid thinks that the way it is is pats and sox always win. explain to him that they dont. is it really that difficult to think of? explain to him of all of the years that the redsox did not win the world series and did terrible. like, really, just explain to him that we havent always won. im sorry but i dont think the sox or the pats are going to stop winning because you cant explain to your son that they dont always win. so seriously sit him down and show him the teams historys and just say explain that they are good teams this year and stop whining to people online about it, there isn’t anything anyone can do about it on here except either pitty you and your son, or realize what you can do to change it and speak out like me. you’re older than me (obviously, i mean you have a son) you should have thought of that?

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