The ultimate in targeting the women’s market: The Hello Kitty AK-47

This puts that pink shotgun all to shame. Does HelloKittyHell* have one of these?

Hello Kitty AK

GlamGuns is the best satire site I’ve seen in a long time. Be sure to check out My First Carbine.

glamgunsLadies! Has your daughter succumbed to societal brainwashing? Does she refuse toy soldiers for Barbie and pass up BB guns for My Little Pony or Hello Kitty items? Have you despaired of interesting her in the practical aspects of life, such as weaponry and self-defense?

If so, this site is for YOU!

At, we’ve combined the girliness of glamor with the practicality of military expertise and have created a collection that will make your child shriek with joy! From the My Little M4 Carbine to the Hello Kitty “HK-AK-47”, you’ll find something for the little girl in everyone!

And we haven’t forgotten the Moms!

From the rocket launcher inspired by Mother Theresa to the Martha Stewart colors Claymore mines, the Glambo Signature Collection has something for you as well!

Hmmm, SSG Big Brother Collateral Damage is having a birthday this week… hmmm…

*Not only does HelloKittyHell have it, they have the whole freakin’ Hello Kitty arsenal.

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One thought on “The ultimate in targeting the women’s market: The Hello Kitty AK-47

  1. New AK? OK. The Iraqis had a bunch of prettey’ed up weapons… I have a picture of a very chromed and polished AK. I tried to bargain, no luck .. perhaps I should’ve mentioned my birthday to them. Don’t disapoint me ‘lil Bro ! ! ! !

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