Food fight stewing between Hormel and Campbell

The makers of Dinty Moore’s Stew are crying foul over Campbell’s latest line of over-stuffed soups called Chunky Fully Loaded. The line in question includes one flavor called “Chunky Fully Loaded Beef Stew.”

warholBut officials at Hormel said you can’t call it stew unless it really is under federal rules, and they are suing Campbell claiming unfair competition and false advertising. Hormel makes Dinty Moore stews. A company spokeswoman said the Campbell Soup product doesn’t meet the standard for stew.The Campbell’s products are labeled as a soup, but Hormel said the term is placed low on the label so that it’s difficult to see. Campbell hasn’t responded to a request for comment.


  • Who knew there were federal stew regulations?
  • Can we get some federal chili regulations? Because I’ve NEVER had a pre-made, packaged thing that called itself chili that should be allowed to call itself that.
  • How can “Beef Stew” be a flavor?
  • What is the difference between a soup and a stew?
  • How much is that doggy in the window?
  • Are we there yet?

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3 thoughts on “Food fight stewing between Hormel and Campbell

  1. hahah Hormel is so desperate to find new ways to make money. It looks like those dimwits lose their long trademark battle with all the spam fighters.

    The last laugh is always on Hormel. Their food is disgusting. Don’t they know this? 🙂

  2. There’s actually a huge number of people living on the Pacific rim who would disagree about the quality of Hormel’s products. Of course, these same people think poi is edible.

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