Dumb question of the day: Is Taco Bell playing players to shill during the game?

Only possible answer: Yes.

I’m just hoping that BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker didn’t write the headline for this blog post. He’s smarter than that. (Of course he didn’t predict the Rockies in 6, so look who’s talking.)

tacohell2But what got me was that Royce Clayton, the Red Sox player wearing a Fox mike, “happened” to go up to the guy who stole the base and tell him about the promotion, and what his stolen base meant. This left me wondering if this back-up shortstop is being paid by Fox to promote Taco Bell, and if the Red Sox and Major League Baseball are on board with that.

Yeah, if that was a coincidence then pass the tiara because I’m Princess Marie of Roumania. The only thing more painful than the Clayton-Ellsbury moment was the “interview” with the COO for Taco Bell. Dude, get a spokesman. And some dental work.

Kudos to Baker for including this …

And they must not have liked it when commentator Tim McCarver welcomed us back to the game by saying, “From shilling to Schilling.”

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3 thoughts on “Dumb question of the day: Is Taco Bell playing players to shill during the game?

  1. I think in a game earlier this week, Fox broadcast two sox players in the dugout (one was Coco Crisp, can’t remember who the other was) and they were talking about the free taco deal. I could barely hear what they were saying, but my husband said they were talking about the free taco promotion at Taco Bell. The conversation didn’t seem scripted to me at the time. I honestly didn’t think anything of it (so call me Princess Marie of Roumania). Anyway, I plan to get my free taco on Tuesday. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever patronized a Taco Smell.

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