Toast is now the hottest thing in product design

It’s true. There’s something about turning things that aren’t toast into toast that seems to appeal to designers right now. A thumb-sucking trend-spotter (GUILTY!) might say this is because toast is warm and comfortable which makes it especially appealing in these unsettled times. However what I really say is pass the marmalade.

First: The refillable toast-shaped Post-It note dispenser (Toast-It Note?), in which the notes play the roll of the butter.

toast sticky note

Second: The toast-shaped inflatable pillow. Or mini-pillow? It’s 6 inches across, so I have no idea what earthly use it might have.


Third: Toast — the board game. Turns any slice into yet another pointless game of tic-tac-toe!

tic tac toast

Fourth: The toast phone — sadly still only a prototype.

toast phone

Fifth: The toast clock.

toast clock

Sixth: The Toast Doll. “Also available are his friends Joe the Egg (6″ tall), Clem Lemon (9″ tall) and Shaky Bacon (10” tall).

toast doll

Seventh: Toast for your charm bracelet. (BTW, other foods also available.)

toast charms

Eighth: Toast sponge with soap that looks like jam.

toast sponge

Ninth: Toast greeting cards.

toast card.

Tenth: A cell-phone holder.

toast cell phone holder

Eleventh: A costume.

toast costume

All this focus on toast has also meant ongoing design refinement of the actual thing that produces the heated bread product.

Herewith some of my favorite strange toaster designs:

Toaster & Tea Pot combo

toast & tea pot

A toaster designed to protect your eyes.

safety toaster


The need for the above can be seen below:


The VW Toaster:

Toast VW

The toaster & radio combo.

.toaster radio

And two great toasters that so far are only concepts.

First is the “I Like To Watch It Burn”

see thru

And then … Through a scanner lightly browned

scanner toaster




8 thoughts on “Toast is now the hottest thing in product design

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  2. People ask me from coast to coast.
    what’s the thing that I like most?

    Now I don’t want to brag and I don’t want to boast,
    but I can’t help but tell them that


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  4. idk who you are, nor have I read this blog before (this post was forwarded to me but I admit I’ve seen it around) but you are a genius of sorts and I applaud you for your thorough research on the toastier side of life. I also saw that toast mattress and thought something was fishy about the huge mouthpiece on the side. Neway just thought I send some props ur way and welcome myself as your newest reader. Blog on, my toasty friend.

  5. So, i have a cat…i named her toast after the enormous list of names we came up with. It’s quite fitting. However, I am now in the market for a tag, in the shape of toast, to engrave her name and my contact info. on. Any advice or help in finding one?
    If not, I’ll most likely be making it out of stale bread and hoping the birds don’t catch up to her..
    On another note, Toasty-notes, very clever.

  6. Reblogged this on craig on toast, from the toaster to you and commented:
    Howdy Toasters,
    Some days, like slow brained lazy sunday’s, other people just say it better. Today’s toasty bite is bought to you by Collateral Damage
    Break out the Butter, i’ll be back when the hangover’s gone

  7. I just stumbled across your toast in deisgn while looking for some images and inspiration to write a post today. Pure genuis 🙂

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