Churbuck calls shenanigans on NYT for “Death by Blogging”

Bullshit. Classic piece of sensationalized make-news on the front page this morning.

Synopsis.: Two bloggers died recently and one had heart attack due to the always-on nature, every-minute-is-a-deadline world of blogging.

I know and knew two of the bloggers in Richtel’s piece. Om Malik is a good friend to me, but not to the gym. The fact the guy had a heart attack earlier this year is not because he ignored the surgeon general’s warning on the side of his blog: GigaOm. Marc Orchant died in December. I knew Marc from our work with Foldera, the SaaS collaboration play. Did his blog do him in? Did it contribute to his untimely death at 50?


Best line: As Dan Warner, the nasty editor in chief of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune told a roomful of rebellious reporters (myself included) in 1984: “You want stress? I’ll show you stress. Go work in air traffic control or be a single mother on food stamps.”

The Times’ story reads like one of those stories that leads the local TV news when there is nothing else going on. The only reason this is a story is someone called it a trend among the well-off.

This reminds me of something that happened back in the early 80s when I was an intern with the NYPD for a semester. I was in the 24th precinct — West Side, 103rd st and south. One day all the newspapers were screaming about a young white woman (if memory serves she was a student at Columbia) who had been raped and killed on a roof in mid town. Now I wasn’t exactly Mr. Hardboiled but even I knew something was not quite right here. I remember walking up to the sergeant and just pointing at the front page story. He said something like, “Got me. We had two girls raped and killed up here last night too.” He didn’t have to tell me their skin color.

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