Talk to God via the interweb! is a site that purports to let you publicly post your prayers to “Jesus, Allah, Buddha or simply a spiritual universal energy.” Or, in the site’s words: “Dear God is a global project for people around the world to share their innermost hopes – and fears – through prayer.”

So apparently people are posting their prayers here and other people post responses. (I say “apparently” and “purports” not because I have any reason to doubt the site’s veracity but because I am one cynical MoFo.)

Today’s prayers include:

  • Protect Them From Those Who Would Tell Them That They Can’t Make It.
  • My Girlfriend Had An Abortion Last Month.
  • I’m A Christian And My Sex Life Sucks (complete with NSFW picture)
  • So What’s The Deal God? Are You Angry? Is It Something We Did Or Didn’t Do?
  • Can A Political Action Be The Same As A Moral One?
  • Please Just Help Me To Become The Person I Used To Be.

As someone who is a daily practitioner of prayer and very devout in my own peculiar faith, it would be hypocritical of me to mock this site. Who am I to say that posting here is any more or less effective than any other mode of prayer? I suspect even if you do not believe in He/She/They/It you would be hard pressed not to be at least interested in the compassion and questions of the site’s users.

That said, the site is not without its amusing touches. Some are intentional and some are not. Among the intentional funny things are offers to let you “Get on God’s Mailing List,” “Email In/Send It To The Big Guy” and you can subscribe to the feed via a link that reads: “RSS – Fed From Above.”

Among the unintentional amusements are:

“Share your prayers here and help us create hope one prayer at a time. Simply send us your personal letter to your God and/or a picture that sums up your message visually. (Dear God will source a picture if you don’t have one).” emphasis mine

Dear God, please source me a picture. I am imageless and alone….

And, because no good deed should be offered without a chance at renumeration, there is a form to fill out if you are interested in advertising opportunities at

P&G? Exxon? The Onion? UNICEF? Who exactly would put this in their media buying plan?

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