What if you could make clouds in the shape of a logo?

Well, I think you just might do it. That’s the entire business model (and it’s not a bad one) behind a company called Flogos. Their self-named product is essential a lighter-than-air gel that gets formed into a particular shape and then released into the wind.

The company says that the things can last an hour or so depending on wind conditions. Unfortunately they have maxed out at 48 inches in size right now (although they claim to have a six-footer in the works) so it’s a very, very small cloud. They also say they are working on making colors other than white.

My only problem with this venture — other than the fact that I didn’t think it up — is a disturbing idea that these may have been around since roughly October 27th, 312 AD. The video below shows a plausible explanation for the behavior of my namesake, the entirely too-cynical emperor Constantine I, prior to the Battle of the Milvian Bridge on October 28th, 312 AD.

It is commonly stated that on the evening of October 27, with the armies preparing for battle, Constantine had a vision which lead him to fight under the protection of the Christian God. The details of that vision, however, differ between the sources reporting it. It is believed that the sign of the cross appeared and Constantine heard “In this sign, you shall conquer” in Greek.

Now that’s branding.


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