Kennedy cancer making Right Wing crazy

The strangest places are saying nice things about Teddy K.

From Fox News:

Boston Herald: Kennedy becomes profile in courage
NY Daily News: How Ted earned our respect

The Washington Times simply reports the news and so far has avoided it entirely on the op/ed pages. (BTW, in my experience the Times news coverage is just that, so I am only surprised by the silence on the pundit pages.)

Sweetness & Light runs the Washington Post story and then grits their teeth to add, “We are as sorry to hear this news as we would be about any fellow human being.”

Michelle Malkin: Put aside your political differences and join me in keeping Sen. Ted Kennedy and his family in your prayers as they grapple with the news of his malignant brain tumor diagnosis

CNSNews (“The Right News. Right Now.”) hasn’t even run a story on it. Nor have Rush Limbaugh, Mad Annie Coulter — whom I’ve frequently suspect of having Creautzfeld-Jacob Disease — or The Weekly Standard.

My own reaction was one of total surprise. It’s not that I thought of him as immortal, but I did think of him as permanent. Some are positing that Ted will survive longer than most with this illness because of the amount of preservative he has consumed over the years. I would not stoop to such a low type of humor myself.

I must admit to being a bit put off with some of the hyperbole about the illness that has been heard on the airwaves. Our own Senator Kerry called it a tragedy and this has been picked up by much of the media. No it’s not a tragedy. The murders of his two brothers was a tragedy — young men killed during public service. The senator is 76 and has cancer. That is sad and worthy of concern and sympathy. However one would be hard pressed to describe the death of an older human of cancer as tragedy.

12 thoughts on “Kennedy cancer making Right Wing crazy

  1. You are totally right. But, to be accurate, the fact that ANYONE should die of cancer in the year 2008 is a tragedy. In Ted Kennedy’s case, I agree, it remains sad and worthy of concern and sympathy.

  2. Have mercy on the weak and poor, but:

    Old Ted wants a nationalized healthcare system like Cuba or England. Would Edward Kennedy’s ADVANCED BRAIN cancer treatment be allowed by the British Health System? My buddy in the National Health Service says probably not.

    Given his age and advanced cancer, I’ll bet the socialized medicine machine certainly would not have paid for that $10000 helicopter ride that Mr. Kennedy got from his private island paradise to the hospital.

    Let’s let Ted go over to Great Britain to have the doctors at the National Health Service treat his cancer.

    Of course, I would think that he’d be denied cancer therapy as Ann Marie Rogers (a breast cancer patient) was denied an anticancer drug by the British court. Too bad she was not allowed to buy private health insurance by the socialized medicine folks in England.

    Sorry, Ted, no cancer treatment for you. Health care rationing, you know. Just read the fine print in Mr. Obama’s health plan. It will all be clear then.

    Also, Ted Kennedy is going to have to eventually answer for Mary Jo Kopechne, in this life or after. Ted, it’s getting about time to fess up to your past.

  3. Let Teddy Kennedy go to Cuba for cancer treatment. Michael Moore says that Fidel has a grand medical system.

  4. Where Roy might be entirely correct about the proposed US and current UK healthcare systems; I think that chewing on Sen Kennedy at this moment is not in either good taste or an effective way to disagree with him.
    FYI Sen K. is a long way from one of my favorites.

  5. Thank you Roy for proving my point.

    I don’t know about the vagaries of any proposed national health care system. I do know that under the systems now in place in the UK and Canada the rich are still free to get whatever level of medical attention they care to pay additionally for. I also know that under the system now in place in the US there are plenty of people who have life-threatening illnesses and receive little to no care because they have no insurance.

    BTW, it’s true what Big Bro SSG Coll. Damage says. He’s more of a Bernie Sanders supporter.

  6. Socialized medicine LIMITS healthcare choices, not increases them.

    Life-threatening illnesses WILL NOT get the proper medical attention under socialized medicine…as won’t non-life threatening illnesses.

    Collateral, you are so misinformed!!! For instance, Canadian law forbids private payment for a covered medical service under the Canadian health system!!! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY ANY HEALTHCARE in a socialized system.

    In England, breast cancer patients have to wait 4 months before chemo is started….why? Because, they want the bad cases to die and not give them a chance to live.

    Please read up on socialized medicine before you agree with absurd ideas about a government utopia!!

  7. Ah, I love well reasoned discussions. Anyone had one lately?

    Sorry Rhodes and Ripper but I have yet to encounter anywhere on the planet where the very wealthy can’t get what they want. It may mean they fly off to another nation to get that health care but that’s no different than staying in the same nation and paying more for the same services at a hospital that the unwashed masses don’t have access to.

    To the best of my knowledge I didn’t say anything about utopia. What I said was that in this nation many people die because they have no health care coverage. You both seem to think that the current system works. I disagree.

    Obama has my healthcare in his crosshairs? He has my permission to start firing.

  8. In the UK many companies include private health insurance as a benefit. There is no prohibition on this. I’m based in the US but the UK company I work for has always done this.

    BTW, if you’re covered by the UK health care system and traveling anywhere in the EU, just sign up at the post office and your health care is covered in those countries as well. Pretty good stuff.

  9. Collateral, stop worrying about what the “wealthy” can afford….start worrying about trying to see a doctor and a government beaurocrat telling you to get in line or piss off!!! That’ll be your choice with socialized medicine

  10. What I love about these comments is they have absolutely nothing to do with what has actually been written. The best argument for nationalizing health care is probably the idiocy of people like this.

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