HMO’s mascot is a 6-foot-11 walking urine vial

His name is Petey P. Cup and he is the mascot for HealthPartners of Bloomington, MN.

Petey P. Cup even has a Facebook profile, which says he enjoys watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” listening to Coldplay and assisting with urinalysis, drug testing and pregnancy tests. Just six friends so far, though. HealthPartners hopes he’ll have more soon. The Bloomington health care nonprofit wants the campaign to persuade 40 percent of its clinic patients to sign up for a new website service that will allow them to schedule appointments, access medical records and consult with doctors from their computer.

The Minnesota Post story says: “The campaign appears aimed at a younger demographic that understands irony, YouTube and social networking.”

If the younger demographic understands irony, they will understand this is not it. This is just odd.

Irony would be having the mascot be a CPA.

2 thoughts on “HMO’s mascot is a 6-foot-11 walking urine vial

  1. that was an extremely erudite and verbose comment, i know, but i have to go with the gut reactions.

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