New hire

Collateral Damage is proud to announce it has hired an office manager, Mlle. Roxxy. A tireless worker, Roxxy has the pugnacious attitude required of all CD employees. Although we have not been able to document her status as a legal resident of the US, we have no doubt her medical records are up to date. She came highly recommended and we can already understand why. She is in charge of security and not answering phones or emails, a thankless job which she has already brought a unique grace to. Welcome, Mademoiselle. Now stop shedding on my keyboard.


12 thoughts on “New hire

  1. Where’s the obligatory “If pugs are outlawed, only outlaws will have pugs” headline?

  2. Heather; I noticed the same thing…. Pugs get more notice than the “Rapture” Hmmmm

  3. I’m just guessing that Jesus won’t pee on your foot if you don’t pay attention. Then again, I’m not Christian so I can’t swear to that.

  4. i’d be careful on that pee idea… Folk who are faith based will swear that nothing untoward will occur… Murphy’s Law suggests wearing Gore-Tex lined shoes.

  5. Hey ! ! !! What happened to the Bulldog idea of last October? a Pug for a Bulldog? Bargain?

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