7 moments of silence you can’t say on television for one of the greats … George Carlin

He was certainly one of the great white comedians of his generation, one of the few that I put up there with Richard Pryor. I remember one time — maybe a Saturday Night Live — where he just came out and stared at the audience for five minutes. I have no idea why it was funny but me and the audience couldn’t stop laughing.

One of my favorites from his news bulletins: “A man has barricaded himself into an apartment on Main Street. Police say he is unarmed and alone and they really don’t care.”

Only William Safire was his equal when it came to dissecting language and its uses.

And he was in one of my favorite truly dumb comedies as Rufus in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Rufus: [putting on his sunglasses] Gentlemen… we’re history.


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